Resurrecting my newsletter

NY #9

NY #9


One of the goals I have for 2014 is to send out a newsletter  more often – and by that, I mean monthly. I’ll use it to share thoughts on photography, introduce new work, giveaway prints and wallpapers for your computer desktops. There is no better time to start doing that than now. I’m going to send out January’s newsletter tonight, talking about my goals for the upcoming year and photo projects.

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In the meantime, here’s another new photo from my recent trip to New York, titled simply NY#9.

Recapping 2013

Leica BW

Usually this time of the year I go back in my Lightroom catalogs and try to pick favorite shots I took in the past 12 months. However, the year of 2013 was very rich in terms of what and where I shot, and I’m well behind in my photo editing and processing. I can’t pick my favorite shots, because I haven’t even seen at least 1/4 of the photos I took.

But a quick recap of the year goes something like this:

  • My photography took a turn as I started shooting more people and places and less buildings and nature. In fact, I haven’t shot anything landscape or nature related all year, except when I was in Maui in the spring. At that time I was so discouraged with the photos I got, I might have given up shooting those subjects for a while
  • I also took a stab at shooting sports, from shooting Mavericks surf competition from a boat to shooting San Jose Earthquakes games. It was fun to try, but I may stick to more simple camera setups and subjects
  • In the summer I purchased my first Leica, and it felt as if I fell in love with photography once again. Much thanks goes to Topher Martini, Sam Nichols, Dave Powell and others who encouraged me to jump right in, and never look back. Shooting with a rangefinder is a very different experience than shooting with an SLR or a mirrorless camera, and it was just the change I needed to get inspired again
  • I shot 12 weddings last year – a new high for me, and a surprise after I thought I’ve given up doing that altogether. But most of that was really fun to do, even if hard, and have helped me buy the Leica and other photography related travel.
  • Andy Lee and I published another +Plus One Collection book earlier this year. Many of you contributed photos, money, and time to help us, and for this I’m very thankful. I’m especially proud of the quality of photography and printing we achieved this year. The latest version of the book almost sold out in less than 8 months, helping us raise over $13,000 (!!!) for The Kilgoris Project which +Jon McCormack runs and which +Michael Frye introduced me to. Not sure if we’re doing another book next year though..
  • It’s been great to spend 2013 working for +SmugMug – in the photo industry I love. I’ve met many of you at tradeshows I attended, and as you came for a tour of our headquarters, and my colleague +Dustin Bess even arranged a breakfast with my idol Scott Kelby. I was pinching myself all morning that day!
  • Besides finance related projects, where my expertise and responsibility lies, I spent several weeks in the summer shooting for our new home page and new SmugMug redesign, which launched in August.
  • I am most proud for not doing more than just two #TheBonocore pictures (very early in 2013 – and I have since repented), which hopefully upsets Michael Bonocore.

The year 2014 should be just as exciting if not more.. Stay tuned and I’ll see you next year!

Discovering New York!


Leica M240 + 35mm f/2 Summicron ASPH

I just came back from NYC where I spent a few days. I’ve always wanted to experience this famous city and my wife was kind enough to let me get away for a few days of pure shooting.
The city did not disappoint, even when it got really cold the last couple of days. Full of life, colors, characters – it reenergized my soul and my photography. I walked 12 miles up and down Manhattan every day (actually tracked it with my GPS!) and it was like watching a never ending movie.

Now I know a few of you who know me live in NYC and I didn’t really meet anybody. But I really wanted to experience the city by myself for the first time and be free to walk a lot or just stop at one corner and spend an hour there. So perhaps I’ll be more social next time!

I’ll be sharing more work from my stay soon!

Shooting with Leica Monochrom

Photowalk with Dave-1-2

San Francisco, 2013

It was great to see and hang out with Dave Powell yesterday, a fellow Leica shooter, who’s visiting San Francisco from Tokyo.

He let me borrow his Leica Monochrom as we went around shooting, and it was a total blast. Knowing that shooting in color wasn’t even an option made for a whole different shooting experience – very much like shooting film when it’s loaded with the roll of B&W film.

This was shot as we walk along Embarcadero.

He also let me shoot with his Leica 50mm f/0.95 Noctilux, but that’s a post for another day!


Off to Eric Kim’s Street Photography Workshop

Up Up-900

Leica M240 + 50mm Summilux ASPH


Pretty stoked to be going up to San Francisco later today and spending the weekend at Eric Kim street photography workshop. I’ve always loved street photography, and the ability to capture a moment that never comes back, but was always afraid to do it. Shooting people is more scary than shooting landscapes, or architecture, because they respond and notice you, and I always thought I’d get punched in the face.

Hopefully the workshop will help me overcome those fears.


So busy these days – seriously has been the busiest month of the year.

Here’s a couple of images taken last week, the kind of I love shooting these days, if for no other reason than for our family history.


Leica M240 + 50mm f/1.4 Summilux ASPH



Leica M240 + 50mm f/1.4 Summilux ASPH